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KinkVR has a huge collection of stunning pornstars doing every kinky stuff you can imagine. Fetish sex has never been so intense! If you pick the yearly plan, you only have to pay $ 7.50 per month. If you are not sure and just want to test their offer, pick the 1 day trial for just $ 1 which includes mobile streaming and one free download.

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CzechVR Fetish

Everyone knows how hot czech girls are, that is why CzechVR got so popular. For all of you guys who have a special fetish, you should check out their site CzechVR Fetish. There are tons of hot babes doing nasty things in front of the camera. They upload three new videos every week and you will also get access to the other CzechVR porn sites.

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VirtualPee offers high quality european pissing content! You can watch it on any VR device out there with no limits on download or stream. They upload new movies every week! If you want to try it first, you have the opportunity to get a 2 day trial for $ 2.95. If you subscribe for one year, you only have to pay $ 8.33 per month.

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Virtual Real Porn

Virtual Real Porn was the first player in the VR sex industry, therefore the library is already very huge. You will find a great variety of movies on their website, from lesbian to straight, bisexual or homosexual. All of their sex movies are in great quality. You can sign up from only € 0.24 per day!

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Wankz VR

At WankzVR you will have the opportunity to fuck some of the hottest pornstars on the planet. They upload new movies on a regularly basis and all of them are in very high quality. This one might be one of the leading VR porn sites in the near future. Make your pervert fantasies come true and sign up for WankzVR from only $0.22 per day!

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Czech VR

This is a porn studio that differs significantly from the others. If you’re not into silicon breasts, then you’re in the right place. All girls look pretty natural and beautiful, czech women are among the most beautiful in the world. It is the ultimate real girlfriend experience, try it yourself from just $0.47 per day!

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Badoink VR

This is a pretty new player in the VR porn industry but they have already many movies to watch. The featured pornstars are beautiful and will make you feel special when fucking them in VR. Badoink VR offers you a FREE Card-Board for your Smartphone. You can keep the Cardboard even if you don`t sign up for an account.

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They have everything VR porn lovers want, stunning babes doing all kind of nasty stuff in the movies, many updates and all in great quality. Take a look at the website and you will be amazed by the beauty of the pornstars there. If you want to do nasty and pervert things in VR, RealityLovers is a good choice!

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If you are looking for Virtual Reality Porn Movies – you have found the right site. We keep you up to date about the latest developments in the VR Porn industry – new VR Porn Sites, new VR Porn Movies, VR Sex Toys and other Virtual Reality Sex experiences. You can find reviews of the best vr porn on Evilslutopia.com.

 VR Porn Experiences for Perverts and everybody else!

I take a bet: You will remember the first time you experienced a Virtual Reality Porn Movie for the rest of your life.

Once youll get your first VR Porn Video on your Oculus Rift, Gear VR Headset – or a simple Google Cardboard, youll immediately see what kind of a game changer it is.

While normal porn is mostly shot from a third person perspective, Virtual Reality Porn puts you into the body of one of the performers – in a Point of View perspective.

Experience incredibly real 3D VR Sex!

Most current VR Porn Movies provide you a 180 degree perspective – as nobody is really interested about the wall behind you while one or two beautiful girls suck your dick. The porn scene youll see is completely in 3D – which makes it look almost like reality.

Once the resolution of the VR Headsets will pass a resolution of 8000×8000 pixel per eye, you wont see a difference to our reality. At the moment you see the resoltuion of the screeen – but that isnt really a bummer because the Virtual Reality 3D Porn Experience will take you into another world anyway – no matter what resolution your VR Headset has.

At the moment there are only a few players on the VR Porn market – but as soon as you have seen one of their movies, you will be sure like us that Virtual Reality Porn will spread like a virus and revolutionize the way we experience Sex and Porn in the future.


5 Tips On How Not To Get Caught Watching VR Sex Videos

Although the realization of feasible and totally immersive virtual reality devices is now (pardon the pun) a reality, there are as many advantages to this development as there are disadvantages.

While being totally encapsulate by a virtual experience reaches the top echelons of entertainment, it can also pose a bit of a problem when it comes to certain media – with VR porn, often times the session can be so involved that you become oblivious to the world outside your headset, which can be extremely embarrassing and compromising if a friend, lover, or spouse ends up catching you. Below we’ve compiled a few key tips to make sure you don’t get caught.

1. VR Sex with Limited Sound

Yes, we know, often times the incorporation of sound is probably what makes porn as immersive and stimulating as any of the visual content. But in many cases it can both a.) alert others to what you’re watching, if you’re not careful and it’s turned up too loud, or b.) prevent you from hearing when someone else enters the room while you enjoy your VR Porn Stream.

In order to maximize your privacy and security, we recommend during down the volume so you can still have one ear to the door (metaphorically speaking), or just to turn the sound off. While this may seem to defy the very point of virtual reality – the total capturing of all the major senses, including audio – it’s the easiest precaution to take and could save you a lot of explaining later.

2. Lock Your Door

This might also sound obvious, but it’s amazing how many people neglect to close or lock their door before diving into an erotic session with a gorgeous trio of college roommates via virtual reality.

If locking your door doesn’t work, or could be conceived of as suspicious there are some other methods you can apply to ensure you don’t end up at the wrong end of an idea.

3. Use A Condom

The beauty of using a condom for masturbation is twofold: on one hand you have the bonus of an added lubricant since most if not all condoms tend to be coated in an oily lubricant material.

This, first of all, cuts off the need for something like Vaseline or lotion which can be a bit messy. It’s also very easy to clean up a ‘mess’, and fast – pull it off and you’re safe.

4. Nix On The Nude

In order to be prudent, and to avoid other mishaps, try keeping your pants on or wear shorts. If you get caught suddenly, it’s a bit easier to explain than if you have your dick hanging out for all to see.

5. Diversion

While it’s hard to explain away a giant device on your head, having a contingency plan is always a good idea. Keep your laptop or PC active with a window open on something so that if you do hear someone interrupting your fapping session you can quickly pull the goggles off – it all depends on your speed, and the perceptiveness of your intruder, but it’ll simply look like you’re staring at open browser on your computer.

Whatever the case, a lot of these will apply regardless of whether you’re watching VR porn or just normal 2D porn, but there is one common factor – when it comes to privacy, there’s no substitute for common sense!