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As a fat woman, I would never approach a man first. Too great are the concerns that he finds my body repulsive. Too deep are the wounds of injuries from the past. I once read that the greatest fear of women in online dating is to be caught up in a serial killer. Men's greatest fear is running into a fat woman. So when an attractive man hits on me, my alarm bells go off. I try to analyze: Is he serious or is he trying to fuck with me? And then I'm usually so cold and distant at first that the poor guy doesn't stand a chance anyway. So it's not quite so easy to get to know a man. I spent some time on dating sites. Especially at a dating site especially for fat guys. Everybody knows what they want and what they get and for me it was always important that a potential partner accepts my body and in the best case also finds it sexually attractive.

There are many more men who like fat women than you think

Another indication that it is not "abnormal" to find fat women sexually attractive is that fat sex is big business in the porn industry. And from prostitution circles one hears that the round sex workers make the biggest profit. But why do men hide the fact that they find fat women exciting? Why not introduce them to their friends and families? Some want a slim showpiece woman for home and a fat lover for bed. Why must a man be ashamed to love a fat woman? Society does not make it easy for him - a man who loves a fat woman must be a pervert or he cannot get a "beautiful thin" woman. It also seems to be a status problem: That attractive and/or successful men have a fat wife or girlfriend seems impossible in the eyes of society. So if you publicly stand by your fat wife, you must have a hell of a lot of self-confidence. At this point a big greeting to all those great men out there who live in a fat partnership and are proud of their wives!

Fat as a fetish: the feeder

Yes, I want to be attractive for my sex partner, but what I definitely do not want to be: a fetish. Degraded to an object. No longer perceived as a person. Once, during my online dating time, I got involved with a feeder. I'll tell you exactly what that is in a moment. But first, this man completely wrapped me up with his loving nature. He carried me on his hands, read my every wish from my lips, even adored me. In the past my partners always wanted me to lose weight. There was always stress and discussions about my figure. But this guy almost encouraged me to eat. Brought me chocolates, took me out to restaurants, cooked for me. Then he started measuring my belly circumference on a regular basis. And if it was an inch more, he was happy as a clam and full of love for me. At first I was lulled by this new, wonderful partnership, that I could not clearly understand what was happening. I also did not know until then that such a thing existed at all.

This man was a feeder and his goal was to fatten me up

It excites him when women gain weight through his hand and become thicker and thicker and he gets more and more power over them and their bodies. In extreme cases, until the gainer (the feeder) is so fat that he becomes immobile, can't get out of bed and the feeder has total control over him. When I realized that something was wrong in my new relationship, I did some research. You can find a lot of material about it on the net and you see couples who live out exactly that and also document it publicly. How longing for love and recognition must the women be who get involved in such a relationship that ends with complete self-abandonment? My tears came when I read about it and I ended the relationship immediately.

The Fat Admirer

Thick fetishes like feeding, facesitting or squashing are rather rare (the latter two are sex practices where the aim is not to be able to defend yourself under the weight of the woman). But what you very often encounter are Fat Admirer (FA) - admirers of body fat. They do not necessarily want their partner to gain weight, but they desire our fat body, which we often despise or are ashamed of. For the FA this is sexual flywheel and for many women it is perhaps another step on the road to self-acceptance that their body is extremely desirable for many men. It is an interesting experience not to have to be ashamed during sex, that something is not pleasing, too much or wobbles, because that is exactly what an FA loves and wants to have. I don't want to talk so negatively about these men, but it is also a fact that in many cases they only want sex, are not interested in a relationship or in the person behind the curves. And sometimes they also suffer from hubris and think that just because they give their attention to a fat woman, she has to put up with everything from them out of gratitude.

The normal man. But what is normal?

So it's complicated. Where is the line between desire and fetish? I want to feel desirable and beautiful, but where does respectful treatment of my body stop and where does it become a fetish fantasy? At least we can say one thing for sure: It is not true that fat people are not desired and are unloved people. Fat people are just as desired and loved as thin people.

For me personally, the following applies

I don't want sex and certainly not love from someone who is only attracted to my fat body and hides me as a person. And as in every situation in life, it helps in sexuality to accept and love your own body, because then you can enjoy it together and claim the respect we are entitled to for ourselves. And yes, of course there are those great men who love, respect and stand by fat women for their own sake - you just have to look for them a bit longer.
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