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In the fetish and BDSM scene they have cult status: slave auctions. At the secret meetings submissive or masochistic people can be "bought". Our sex columnist was right in the middle of it.

A special fetish: Our author visited a slave auction

Remember my Sexy X-mas gift guide? In it, I suggested that you, or rather your partner, should treat yourself to a slave who would give you a hand for a day. That's a great idea of mine, but where do you get someone like that? I mean, you don't go to the local supermarket, head for the aisle with the masochistic products from free range farming and put the nicely packaged goods into your basket. No, you don't. Good part-time landlords who want to be, of their own free will, can buy them at so-called slave auctions. Now before you start to clench your hands over your head in shock, let me quickly throw out the necessary disclaimer: The slave auctions we are to discuss today are legal and no one will be harmed. And if they do, they do so at their own request. (Here I have already explained to you how you confess to your fetish) These are events within the fetish and BDSM scene, where people with the appropriate inclination offer themselves for sale. Of course they are not really sold. Rather they are lent for a negotiated time. And yes, it is a game that gives great pleasure to those who sell themselves to a gentleman or a mistress, well, to sell. By the way, the term slave is a bit misleading in this case. You don't actually buy a person who submits to you body and soul for a long period of time, but a masochistic or submissive playmate with whom you can, uh, how do I put it, go sledding for an evening.

An auctioneer presents the slaves

The procedure is the same as for a traditional auction, although this may vary from organizer to organizer. So let me tell you about the auctions where I spent some time as an enthusiastic gaffer. An auctioneer presents the "goods" on a stage, asks them what they are into, puts the good "piece" through its paces, presents it to the audience and then starts the bidding. You may find this degrading, but it is precisely this aspect of the display that turns many submissive people on. People who are excited to be presented and also a little humiliated.

The prices are moderate

Men often leave for as little as two euros, while for the often beautiful ladies you can sometimes shell out several hundred euros. If an interested party gets the knockdown, the object and the buyer discuss the further procedure. By the way: Many of the slaves, especially women, prefer to perform their services on site, in the protected space of the community. For their protection on the one hand. On the other hand, because the thought of being observed during the following game turns some people on. So you can perhaps imagine that during the auction breaks and after the event in the club all hell literally breaks loose. What you can do with a slave after you have bought him at auction? That depends on the situation. Some offer their nude cleaning services, while others want to spend a day sitting or playing doggy. Still others feel pleasure when their "buyer" beats them with a cane. And still others go "all in", sex and role-playing included.

So "slave trade" is a fine thing

Now you might think "Wait a minute, if I am buying a slave, then please let me also determine what he or she has to do or not do." You thought wrong. You know, even if it looks like the subs, the submissive and pain-loving members of the BDSM community, are poor little piggies who have nothing to say, it's the other way around. The Sub, also called Bottom, always has the say. He decides what he is willing to do, what he wants to endure within his inclination. Public humiliation? 20 blows to the bottom with a wooden paddle? Maybe he'll even massage the feet of his short-term mistress. As long as it gives pleasure to the masochistically feeling person and the dominant partner is absorbed in his role, such a legal, consensus-based "slave trade" is a fine thing. The events that I went to from time to time, for example, handled the consensus in an exemplary manner: Before the "auction", the "objects" were presented in a separate room, posed in a pretty pose. Including a wash-sheet on which they had noted down which infamous acts they were prepared to commit, what was taboo and what their safe word was for emergencies. Even if you don't want to shop: If you are receptive to the atmosphere of BDSM magic, to this tingling and excitement before the big game, I strongly recommend you to visit such an event. Things can get tough at times, but that's what makes it so appealing for many people. Just don't say afterwards that I didn't warn you. You need to know this before you go.

Would you like to know where the next slave auction is?

I'm not going to tell you, of course. Events of this kind are rightly not accessible to a broad mass, what happens there is too intimate. But if you really want to know, I recommend a good online research. (Here I will tell you what you should know before visiting a swingers club) Network with like-minded people, visit the websites of relevant clubs. And then, when you have done it, this is still valid: Dress to impress, this ain't the big disco. Suit instead of trackpants, leather shoes instead of sneakers. Don't get drunk. Drunk skis fly out of the BDSM club faster than you can say "slave auction." When you buy a slave at an auction, be sure to adhere to the rules set up by the slave. Everything else is abuse. Have respect. No unseemly heckling, no offensive language. If you want to be there as a slave yourself, make sure you take a trusted person with you who will look after you and do not go home with anyone. And also for you: hands off the alcohol. It's too dangerous.
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