Office Affairs

Actors in this Movie: Victoria P

Contents of this Movie: White, Straight, Couple, Mature, Blonde, Small Tits, 180, Blowjob, Fetish, Hardcore, Striptease, Fingering, Shaved, Deepthroat, Reverse Cowgirl, Natural Tits, High Heels, Full Sex, Food

Studio: VRBangers

The Story: If you dislike going to work you might just be working at the wrong job. A lot of your happiness depends on whether you like what you do every day, and for many that start with hiring the right personal assistant. Instead of wasting her time in the break room and waiting for the next office birthday party to bring out a cake, Victoria is hard at work in your executive suite, using the leftover can of whipped cream and her tight holes to relieve all your afternoon stress. Just do your best to save a few cumshots for when you get home to your wife. She needs your dick too!


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