Fetish VR Movies

A fetish is an object that is intended to trigger sexual arousal and can be used for satisfaction. That means it can be an inanimate object, like a shoe, it can be a body part, for example the feet, the bottom, the breasts or even the ears. The difference is that in many cases this object is even more important than the person who is attached to it.

What different types of fetishes are there?

As many as there are people. There is nothing that does not exist. A new example would be pedal pumping. This is a trend for which there are millions of movies on the Internet. In the end, all you see is a pretty lady's foot in a strappy pump that presses on a gas pedal.

There is no fetish that does not exist

Or even the smoking fetish. Especially men like to look at women who smoke cigars, cigarettes or cigarillos. Blowing the smoke out through the nose. But the smoke can also be exchanged while kissing. There are the so-called looners who feel sexual pleasure when they incorporate balloons into their love play. Some are into latex or leather, others into silk stockings or lingerie. This is how a slave feels in the SM-Studio - presenter Sabrina has tried it

What is the situation in other countries?

Japan is a fetish stronghold. Here the sushi fetish has been around for a long time, where sushi is simply eaten off the body. A newer fetish that sex therapists are sceptical about is eyeball licking. Here the eyeball of the other person is licked for sexual arousal. And this actually has certain risks: You can put bacteria in the eye, which can lead to infection. A second problem is that the tongue is rough and this can lead to abrasion in the eye, that is, part of the surface of the eyeball is rubbed off and this can cause an open injury. That's why we advise against this fetish.

The boundaries between preference and fetish are fluid

In the first part of the series we explain what a fetish is and describe the probably most common one: foot fetishism! Whoever speaks of a "fetish" usually means something that excites him sexually. These can be objects, such as everyday clothes like underwear, jeans, stockings or shoes, but also accessories like masks or shackles. Some also consider materials as their fetish, such as rubber, leather or wool - or a whole outfit, as with uniform fetishists. Body parts can also be seen as fetishes. Feet are especially popular, some also like breasts or underarms. And finally, activities such as blindfolding or massaging can also count as fetishes. It doesn't matter what you call it. The important thing is that you can relax with your sweetheart and enjoy sex. Then (almost) everything is allowed, if it is okay for both of you. What is not possible at all is if someone would be harmed or forced against his or her will to do something that is out of the question for him or her. A fetish becomes problematic at the point where sexuality without a fetish is no longer possible - where the fetish does not enrich sexuality but restricts it. In most cases, however, the following applies: The fetish is only a part of sexuality - and often an enrichment from which everyone involved benefits. For many people the fetish is a crutch to satisfy a certain longing. It is not only about eroticism, but also about closeness and security. In our series we present five fetishes as examples of what special preferences there are. We start with the quite everyday foot fetish. Let us surprise you what will be next week.

Magically attracted by feet: foot fetishism!

For some people unimaginable, for others the most exciting part of the body: feet! While some people lose all desire at the mere thought of foot odor, others find the sight of a foot highly erotic. There are even some prominent confessing foot fetishists like director Quentin Tarantino, who once spoke publicly about his preference for women's feet. The preference for feet is widespread, socially halfway accepted and mainly affects men. Whereby of course not foot fetish is the same as foot fetish. Some people like certain parts of the foot like sole, toes or heel. Others are mainly interested in what you do with your feet, i.e. touching each other or sexual satisfaction with your feet. Still others actually like the smell, because it smells "natural", like sports, work and masculinity. Quite similar are the many shoe fetishes - whether patent leather pumps with the highest possible heel, ballet shoes, sneakers or rider/military boots. With a little care, feet are actually not a blurry stinker, but an important erogenous zone. Many people are ticklish just at the sole of their feet - this can be taken as a start to discover everything else from there.

Fart fetish

For many, there is nothing more embarrassing than when your partner lets off a fart during the act of love or even when gases suddenly escape from your self. It is completely different with people who suffer from flatophilia. The fetish here lies in the excitement of the human wind. They like to be farted at by their partner and release gases.

Balloon fetish

People who have a lubft balloon fetish find it sexually attractive when they inflate a balloon or when they watch another person inflate a balloon. The so-called "looners" often feel sexual satisfaction just by the shape of the balloon or by rubbing the balloon.

Dentist fetish

Most people like to postpone the dentist appointment as long as possible. A dentist fetishist, on the other hand, cannot be at the dentist's office often enough. The fetishist is sexually aroused by the visit to the dentist or by the mere idea of it. The attraction of the fetish lies in the feeling of helplessness and helplessness.

Tooth brushing fetish

Brushing our teeth is the most normal thing in the world and is part of our everyday life. But for some people it is rather a fetish. This does not mean brushing your teeth as often as possible, on the contrary - the tooth brushing fetish describes people who feel pleasure when they watch someone brushing their teeth. The blowjob-like hand movement and the region of the mouth while brushing teeth serves as a sexual stimulus.
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