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Different fetish desires revolve around the consumption of tobacco (and possibly other smoked products). A distinction can be made between smoking fetishism (related to the sensual act of smoking) and smoke fetishism (related to the smoke/fume produced during this act) and cigarette/cigarillo/cigar/pipe fetishism - related to the respective product, the list can be extended if necessary ...

Smoke fetishism or Capnolagnia

For some fetishists the whole erotic fantasy is concentrated on watching a smoking woman (more rarely: a smoking man), for others on inhaling the air that is sensually or dominantly exhaled during smoking, for others cigarettes or their bigger siblings, however, are simply one of many possible means to achieve a certain superior purpose (e.g. painplay, fear or disgust effects, breathplay etc.). Whatever your personal kick is, you can ask me about it and I will then decide whether I would like to develop your fantasy together with you. In real life I am "only" a rare occasional smoker, but in the erotic and BDSM context I am very fascinated by the aspects of Sensual Play, Tease & Denial, D/S and Painplay that smoke fetishism offers and I am passionate about "fire & flame" for correspondingly deep plays.

Feminine and masculine smoke eroticism

Much of the tuxedo fetish is of a voyeuristic nature: Many a sub gets into raptures when he is allowed to watch calmly as the tender lips of his top enclose the "glow" again and again - perhaps even deliberately the slim, long cigarettes, which are considered to be particularly feminine. Some people are aroused by the lipstick trace on the "dead" cigarette. Masculine-associated tobacco products (cigars, pipes) have long been a symbol of strength - one need only think of the Marlboro Man. If a woman smokes the corresponding tobacco, sometimes, but not always, a gender play aspect is added. Maybe it is enough for you to see a "woman in a suit", maybe it should be a consistent cross-dressing. Depending on your personal preference I choose my outfit / styling as well as my smoked goods consciously feminine or consciously masculine.

Being wrapped with or inhaling smoke

It can be a very erotic act if I smoke directly into your mouth and nose and "share" a cigarette (or cigarillo, cigar, pipe) with you in this way. Surprisingly, even sworn non-smokers still enjoy, or perhaps because of it (it can also be a humiliating act!), the passive smoking imposed in such a way in appropriately agreed sessions. But also some smokers like to inhale my smoky exhalation instead of pulling directly on a cigarette. These sessions often bring you physically very close to each other: the body nestles against the body of the "intoxicatingly intoxicated", the direct blowing of smoke into the mouth of the sub acts like a special variation of the "domino kiss". Of course, the alternating viewing of a lasciviously smoking woman and the feeling and inhalation of her smoke-filled breath very often mix into a complex sensory experience.

Games with ashes and embers

Where there is smoking, there are ashes. Their "dirtiness" is often included in D/S sessions even without an explicit smoking fetishism. And their heat can make for painplay. Objectification to the servant, ash table or ashtray Especially in D/S-relationships it is also common that a smoking top "misuses" his or her sub as an ashtray. It is usually rather a matter of the sub's voluntary devotion to kneel down in front of the master or mistress and to offer the ashtray submissively or to become a "human ashtray" himself: to hold out the hollow hand to catch the cut-off cigarette ashes, or in more extreme cases (here risk reflection is even more necessary than just inhaling the smoke because of the direct-oral absorption of the respective harmful substances) to open the mouth and to stretch out the tongue. In my experience, human ashtrays are not really about tuxedo fetish, but it can be well integrated into a fetish play to use the voyeuristic and/or smoke inhaling partner also as an ashtray ("human ashtray").

Painting with ashes

Even without explicitly thinking of ashtrays, it can be a stimulus in a sensual cigarette/cigarrillo/cigar game to wash off over the body of a playing partner or even over both bodies. And to rub the ashes. I find it sensual myself to drop my ashes on my breasts and spread them there, watching the colour blacken my skin. Of course I can also do this for the sub. Or we both play together with the ashes on our (sensibly naked or at least partially naked) bodies... The aim of heat play with cigarette/cigarillo/cigar is to bring the smoked product as close as possible to the body so that the heat can be felt, but as a rule burns/burn blisters should be avoided (see section "Branding" for situations where this is consciously intended). Such a heat play is similar in its nature to the candle wax games much more widespread in BDSM, where hot, but not too hot, drops of wax are supposed to hit the body. Especially in a sensual tuxedo and/or smoke fetish session, heat play can also be integrated wonderfully, when the smoking lady almost touches the skin of the other person with the glow stick "by the way", if necessary only with the finger to ensure a distance.

Bodymod: cigarette branding

While ash and heat games are usually intended to prevent burns and blisters, cigarette burners deliberately cause permanent scars when they are squeezed on bare skin. This special form of branding is a rather uncommon extreme practice in the BDSM context, which urgently requires a detailed special RACK planning as well as some medical knowledge if the sub is seriously interested in it. Up to now I have practiced this actively only with one single, in this respect already autoerotically experienced, play partner. The Smoke-Magazine of the German Journalist School reported about it.
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