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Cuddling as a spoon, cuddling very close together, feeling very close - this position is not considered a classic for nothing. However, the spoon position does not have a particularly sexy reputation either, but is rather considered a particularly comfortable sleeping position for couples. In this position you can have breathtaking sex and rise to undreamed-of heights of lust. Don't you think so? Then just wait and see ...

With the spooning position to orgasm?

The spoon position works similar to the doggy style, but is much more comfortable - after all, you both lie on your side and don't need to support yourselves anywhere. In this position you are very close to each other and your sweetheart can penetrate with his penis in such a way that it takes the optimal angle to stimulate the G-spot. You also have both your hands free so you can caress him and he can massage your erogenous zones. If you then vary your speed, approaching each other faster, then slower and more intensely, there will soon be no stopping you both from ecstasy! By the way: The spoons are a great sex position for men with small penises.

You can vary like this

You haven't had enough? Then bend forward even further and go into the embryonic position - this way your treasure can penetrate even deeper into you. If you then alternately relax your pelvic muscles and your legs, it gets even hotter! Or you lift one leg up and your partner changes the angle at which he penetrates you. He can hold on to your leg. You can also change to the sex position "Spork". It is made up of the English word for spoon position, "spooning" and the English word for fork, "fork". Another irresistible variation is the sex position 77.

A cuddling classic

It may be that your sweetheart has a little trouble with the spoon position at the beginning. If he doesn't hit the right angle, his penis may slide right out of your vagina again. He may also find it difficult to get deep enough into you to make you want to spoon. There is only one thing to do: try it out. Just try out playfully at which angle his love wand can best unfold its magic. You can help him by leaning forward a little or snuggling up closer to him.

Spooning during pregnancy

You are pregnant, but you still have a huge appetite for sex? Then the spoon position is ideal for you. Because even if you are perhaps a little tired and don't like to move around that much, this position is really fun. And if your partner comes from behind, your baby bump is not in the way either.

What does the spooning fetish reveal about you?

Does the spoon position actually say something about your partner in psychology? In fact, the favourite position during sex reveals a lot about your personality. Men who prefer the spoon position are considered sensitive, delicate and emotional. He likes to feel safe and has a great need for love. If you lie cuddled up together in the little spoon, he is especially close to you - not only physically, but also with his feelings. Pretty romantic, right? It may also be that you want to sleep as a spoon and not necessarily have sex. This sleeping position is often taken by couples who have a very intimate relationship with each other, feel secure and very comfortable in the relationship. You probably like to have it cosy, but are also romantically inclined.

The advantages of spooning during sex

The spoon position offers especially much physical contact and intimacy during sex because the two partners are very close together. He can also use his hand to stimulate the outer clitoris or caress her breasts during sex. It can also satisfy his erogenous zones because it does not need to be supported in this position either. The spoon position is suitable for any kind of sexual intercourse. This position is particularly suitable for morning sex. If you like it wilder, you should rather try sex in doggy style.

The disadvantages

Since the two partners are behind each other, kissing during sex is not so easy - unless the woman accepts a stiff neck and turns backwards. Eye contact is also difficult. If you like to look into each other's eyes during sex, simply switch to the missionary position. Some women find the spoon position too boring, because they take over the passive part of spooning. But if you are tired and long for a lot of physical contact, this position is just right for you! A disadvantage that doesn't have to be one: His penis can't penetrate as deeply in the spoon position, his thrusts don't go as deep as with a puppy - unless she bends forward and presses her pelvis against his lap.

It does not work - why?

Some people have problems with the spoon position. A common difficulty is the wrong angle. The partners are wrong, so his penis cannot penetrate properly (and slips out of the vagina more quickly). If this is the case, it often helps if both spoons are positioned at a different angle and they change to the embryonic position.
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