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The preference for women's stockings and pantyhose (often, but not always, stockings or pantyhose) and lingerie/catsuits/centais made of pantyhose typical fine materials can be part of material fetishism (e.g. nylon or silk, more rarely cotton or similar). - depending on fetishistic preference) or foot & leg eroticism or lingerie preference.

Sensual dressing in strapless nylon stockings

Furthermore, being wrapped in several layers of the corresponding garment or being tied up with stockings/trousers can be a special variant of encasement or bondage. For transvestites, transgender and crossdressers, wearing women's stockings can also be part of feminisation or symbolise their gender identity. So there are various motives for the erotic lust for "nylons and co". In the following I will take a closer look at some of the above-mentioned aspects (primarily for pantyhose, but also in lower sections for fishnet stockings/pantyhose and functional stockings) and I am also open to further inspiration.

Nylon, silk or other materials

Traditionally, hosiery of all kinds was made of wool or cotton, later fine Chinese silk stockings came into fashion, and finally industrial synthetic fibres were synthesised - including the original nylon (PA 6.6) and other synthetic fibres often included under this generic name. Silk and synthetic fibres have in common that they can be processed very delicately and then let the skin shine through transparently. The fineness or the degree of transparency is measured in the denier system. A pantyhose with a very high DEN value is almost opaque, while a low DEN value indicates a very fine and thus very transparent and very elastic hosiery. The Chinese silk industry has already used this system, where 1 DEN corresponds to a yarn count of 1g/9000m yarn length.

Leg worship or the nylon covered intimate zone

Maybe you love the thin pantyhose material because it shapes and accentuates the legs perfectly. Maybe you love the feeling of kissing your mistress' stockinged feet or caressing her calves and thighs, maybe you would like to let your hands wander to the crotch - and then material fetishism, body worship and fetishism related to the form or function of the hosiery / stocking can no longer be clearly separated. You enjoy the smoothness or the artificiality on a foreign body, or you want to feel the erotic material on your skin yourself or be caressed in it. For men a penis "packed away" in tights can also be a symbol of chastity or asexuality or femininity.

Stockings vs. stay-ups

Traditionally, women's stockings always had to be fastened with suspenders, i.e. with garter straps (= horizontally worn bands around the thigh and the stocking) or suspenders (= vertically hanging bands with clips attached to lingerie such as corselets, panties or so-called garter belts). Industrial development later made it possible to develop stay-ups, which are prevented from slipping down by means of a self-adhesive coating on the thigh, usually concealed under a decorative border, and therefore no longer require a garter belt. However, what is no longer necessary is considered by many lovers to be particularly sexy!


This also applies to seam nylons: As long as it was not possible to process the material by machine as a "rounding", the nylon fabric still had to be visibly sewn somewhere. It was fashionably clever to let the seam run along the back of the leg, as this makes the leg look slimmer. This is also no longer necessary, but sexy: Nowadays, seam nylons are mainly worn for nostalgic and/or erotic, fetishistic reasons. Of course, no separate garter belt is necessary if pantyhose and legwear are combined into one unit. Whether this is more erotic or a "love killer" or lust killer, that's what the fetishists argue about: for some, free access to the genital area is important, others want to hide it consciously or love the charm of the half-hidden. Depending on what the respective motivation is, pantyhose with an opaque gusset, a slightly tinted gusset or completely without gusset, then with or without a seam in the panty area, promises the respective fetish maximum pleasure - or can also turn off violently. Similarly, the pantyhose can accentuate the bottom particularly well (e.g. also by the course of the seams along the cheeks) or cover it up. Here, too, it can play an important role for the respective lover where the seams of the pantyhose part run and which parts are contrasting in colour. Depending on the visual or haptic appeal to be created, a decision may also be made as to whether any additional underwear (panties or bodysuits) should be worn over or under the tights. If you would like to experience the tights as an idealised second skin, you may want to hide all seams and gussets under other clothing. If, on the other hand, you eroticize exactly these characteristics of artificiality, the panties - whose shape you probably choose rather tightly - are rather a deliberately used colour contrast for you and then it should probably shimmer through under the microfibre.

Catsuits, Zentais and Bondage Bags

Should it be more than just stockings or tights? Then maybe a catsuit (tight-fitting full body suit, which at least leaves the head free, usually doesn't cover hands/feet and as an "overt" variant doesn't cover the intimate area) or zentai (full body incl. head/face cover - partly with crotch zipper) made of nylon or your preferred stocking material is even more cool. We have to order these individually, but we can then both like to wear an appropriate garment. The full body wrapping with a Zentai already represents an "Encasement" (= being enclosed), but not yet a "Bondage" (= restriction / being restricted) - maybe you love it, when a nylon bag (or net) is put over another layer and/or when you feel into one of them on naked skin. Or the attraction is to be "bulbed in" more and more, to put on cover after cover until completely unrecognizable... For encasement and bondage purposes you don't have to buy special (comparatively expensive) catsuits/Zentais/bags/nets, you can also use (often cheaper) hosiery for other purposes. You can easily "tinker" a kind of sweater / long-sleeved shirt / bolero out of a pair of tights, if you cut the crotch free and use the resulting opening to put the head through. Over the head itself you can put another panty part (with knotting of the leg warmers) or a leg warmers of an XXL pantyhose / XXL-stockings. With the above-mentioned homemade sweater / shirt the torso remains uncovered due to a lack of sufficient stretch, but cut tights can also help here as "bodice". And if it's not just a matter of concealment, but of bondage, a pantyhose leg or single stocking can be used as a mono leg shoe or mono glove. Furthermore, because of their elongated shape, the single stockings or leg warmers can also be used directly for lacing/binding/knotting/cuffing like a rope. The feeling of the bondage is different than with a normal Bondage Rope because of the elasticity of the stocking material. In addition, some people find it fascinating when a pantyhose is used both one-legged as a wrapping and one-legged as a bondage "string", or when the pantyhose is used "stretching" and the leg warmers are used "tying". Nylon gags also belong to the field of bondage: it can be very sexy when the lady improvises apparently spontaneously in a session and takes off the stocking, knots it and "tinkers" a simple gag out of it - which optionally already convinces by foot scent / taste (feminine tender or sporty sweaty), or even liquid-soaked or filled with delicious or disgusting stuff, which then melts in the mouth.

Sensual destruction

But tights/stockings are not only destroyed for encasement/bondage purposes. The destruction process itself can also be the focus of a session: For many people it is a nuisance when a nylon stocking or other hosiery has a run. But for some it is also sexy, e.g. to claw their fingernails into "perfection" and destroy them consciously. Or to cut the stockings etc. dramatically with a knife/scalpel. Also a horny punk look can be fetishised consciously.

Fishnet stockings and pantyhose, fishnet catsuits

Fishnet stockings and fishnet pantyhose are lighter than "nylons" and their related fine yarn counterparts. They are an exclusively fashionable (or erotic) garment, as they do not have a real dressing function, i.e. they neither cover nor warm. But maybe you like to see such stockings or pantyhose or even catsuits as a sensual temptation on me, or to feel yourself stretched over your leg / body: here, even more than with nylon encasement/bondage, the feeling arises as if you were caught in a net...there are more coarse-meshed or fine-meshed variants, each of which also finds its own group of followers.

Unsexy and still cool: knitted tights

Pantyhose made of thicker materials are popular as underwear, especially because of their warming function, and are less eroticized than tights. Health and sports function tights are also mostly considered unerotic. Nevertheless, there are people who feel attracted by these very garments - partly because they evoke childhood memories, partly because of a special material property (e.g. cuddiness, scratchiness or similar) or as a complementary accessory in a setting (e.g. clinic eroticism) or because of their respective functionality (e.g. body shaping or support/compression). In some cases, personal preference does not exclusively relate to hosiery, but also to corsetry (waist cincher, panty girdle, corselets, support bodies, etc.) or patient clothing and aids (surgical shirts, nursing overalls, braces & casts).
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