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Domina for beginners: This is what you should know about Sado-Maso-Sex. Are you interested in the world of SM studios? Our columnist has some important tips for your first visit to a dominatrix.

The world of the bizarre

Probably it's the same for many people, who don't fit into any drawer their whole life, the Goth Kids from the smoker's corner of life. A few years ago, I actually flirted with the idea of an apprenticeship with a dominatrix, but then I moved to Berlin and became a copywriter. The fascination for everything that has to do with BDSM and fetish has never left me. Unlike my knowledge of the scene. I seem to have lost that somewhere along the way from the cheeky almost bizarre intern to a serious sex columnist. When I recently researched the most popular sex services of S&M studios for a report, I noticed how much I had forgotten. What does "Flag Hand" mean again? What does the abbreviation TPE stand for? And what actually happens in the "white area"? For all those who have the same situation as me, I have written a little guide together, a mini-BDSM service lexicon, if you like. So that at your next audition in the Domina Studio you'll know exactly which services you're currently booking - and what you'd better keep your hands off.

What you need to know about domination


Dear submissive foot fetishists: Are you looking for new stimuli? In the so-called "bastonade" the dominant partner fixes the feet of his submissive playmate with foot cuffs, spreader bars, chains or ropes. Then you strike - on the feet. Ouch. This practice is often part of a punishment ritual if the sub, the submissive partner, was not well-behaved enough, for example. But between you and me: He didn't want it any other way. (Read also: This is what makes a good sex shop for me)

Flag Hand

The term "flag hand" is used to describe punches with the flat of the hand, for example on the butt.

Cage Holding

For many it is a special kick to be constricted while bondage. The so called "cage position" takes this feeling to a new level. Thereby you temporarily lose a part of your freedom, because you are kept in a cage or dungeon at your own wish. For how long? Of course you decide that.

Long term education

The desire to be educated by a dominant master or mistress slumbers in many submissive souls. For some, it is enough to be docile and submissive for a session, while for others it is more than enough. Which brings us to long-term education. On the one hand there are the so-called long-term sessions, which can last for hours, days or even weeks. On the other hand the term "long-term education" also describes the basic education of a slave, which can take weeks to months or even years. (Read also: All men should know these erogenous zones)


A special bondage technique in which the body of the submissive partner is wrapped as completely and as tightly as possible. Complete trust and desire for tightness and the feeling of being completely surrendered are absolutely necessary. Otherwise, claustrophobic attacks beckon. I've just had one of them sneaking up on me. Needles Okay, I'll tell it like it is: In "needling", body parts of the submissive partner are pierced with metal needles or cannulas. Like piercing without jewelry. Just something for people who know exactly what they want and what they're getting into.

Black area

SM studios are often divided into black and white areas. Everything that has to do with bondage and SM practices takes place in the black area. Since the St. Andrew's cross as well as the stretching bench and the buck are usually covered with black leather, SM fans call this part of a studio the "black" area. (Read also: Five resolutions for a lustful year 2020)

Total Power Exchange (TPE)

A dream for extremely submissive people. At the "Total Power Exchange" the slave gives voluntarily all rights over his own body to his mistress for a certain time. The mistress may now decide over him and give him orders. How long can this procedure last? The sub determines that - from a few hours up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week, everything is possible. Of course, the game can be ended immediately if desired.

White area

The opposite of the black area is the white area of an SM studio. Why is it called that? Because in this often tiled area of an S&M studio hospital games take place. Yet what happens in these rooms is anything but clinically pure. By the way: If you are now thinking about trying one or the other of these lists, you should definitely contact a professional SM studio. One with trained personnel who have sufficient anatomical and psychological knowledge to get you out of the game safe and sound. Please DO NOT look for a hobby dominatrix on ebay classifieds, because the studio was too expensive. Bondage and BDSM games are not to be joked with.
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