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What happens during squirting, does it make the sex and orgasm better? An expert will tell you how squirting works for women. We checked with a man who needs to know: Escort man Maxime reports from his wealth of experience: "One of the most sought-after topics in my workshops on female orgasm and when meeting my clients is 'squirting'. What exactly is squirting? Is it the female ejaculation? Can any woman do it? What's the attraction of squirting?"

What does squirting mean?

Translated, "squirting" means jumping off. However, in most cases, it is more likely to be a spill than an ejaculation of a particular secretion from the vagina.

Is squirting real?

Yes, squirting exists. Squirting has been written about hundreds of years ago in different cultures. Even Aristotle studied the phenomenon. In various cultures around the world, squirting is the absolute peak of womanhood. In medicine, squirting is now generally accepted. Many doctors consider squirting to be the ejaculation of the woman. But many aspects are still unexplored and not explained in detail. Double orgasm: With "Blended Orgasm" you come as intensely as never before

What is the female ejaculate made of?

First of all, the fluid expelled is not pure urine or the vaginal secretion that moistens the vagina. It is a special secretion. The source of this secretion, as scientists suspect, is the so-called Skene glands, named after the Scottish gynaecologist Alexander J.C. Skene, whose ducts come from the female prostate and end on the left and right side of the urinary outlet. Since the glands are located directly next to the urethra, it is possible that some urine from the urethra is added during squirting. Without the urine, the squirting secretion is transparent and has a different taste and smell than urine or the vaginal secretion.

Can any woman squirt?

The bodies of women are so different! Also the intensity of the orgasm is different for every woman! And how a woman can reach orgasm is even more different. There are women who squirt unconsciously and expel a lot of fluid in the process. Others try in vain for a long time. For some it is only a few drops. If it doesn't work, this may be because some women do not produce enough squirting secretion. However, they experience the same feeling as other women who secrete a lot of secretion. Every woman can at least achieve the feeling of squirting by stimulating the female prostate. During squirting, most women report feeling an additional orgasmic kick. This should feel as if you lose all pressure in the lower part of the body and let go completely.

How does squirting work?

Since the female prostate is supposed to produce the squirting secretion, stimulation of the prostate is an obvious choice. It is located on the front vaginal wall, about four to six centimetres behind the vaginal entrance. This is also where the woman's known G-spot is said to be located. However, since not every woman has a special sensation there, the female prostate can also be aroused by particularly impulsive stimulation of the clitoris. To squirt, stimulate your vagina both clitorally (outside) and vaginally (inside). It is best to insert the middle and ring finger into the vagina. Press both fingers against the upper vaginal wall. Take your thumb and use it to stimulate your clitoris. Just before orgasm you should feel a pressure that feels like you have to go to the toilet. Now you should not hold back but let yourself go by pressing or relaxing (depending on how you feel). If you try squirting with your partner, you should not put yourself under any pressure. Take your time and do not tense up. By the way, the perfect sex position for squirting is the riding position. You should bend your upper body back slightly. This is the best way for the penis to stimulate the front vaginal wall. Now the man or the woman herself should stimulate the clitoris. In my experience this can be very successful. Especially in Africa they believe that squirting can be induced in any woman by the so-called Kunyaza technique. The woman is stimulated vaginally and clitorally.

How much ejaculate comes out in squirting?

During my journey around the world and the most diverse peoples I have experienced extremes myself. One lady squirted at every masturbation and not too close. She squirted out a glass full of liquid. Another experience I made with a lady who, with a lot of training, was able to make two drops. Other women, on the other hand, never reached a discharge of the liquid. So who squirts how and how much is completely different.

Can I learn squirting?

I am convinced that every woman at least has the chance to increase her orgasm. With certain training of the lower musculature, squirting can also be learned. Whether or not something is really squirted varies. I have already seen women who have had a lot of fluid squirted out of them. With others it was only drops. A few ejaculate no liquid at all or do not notice it. But all ladies felt a different kind of special orgasm. It is important to train your pelvic floor muscle, which is neglected by many women. Love balls are helpful for this. With a trained pelvic floor muscle, the orgasm can be supported by targeted tensing and relaxing. But be careful: Many women who come to squirting by masturbation find it difficult to achieve this with a partner. What is important is that all women confirmed to me that they can relax completely. Pressure and tension are out of place.

Why is squirting so taboo and why is so little reported about women who can do it?

Most women still cannot speak openly about their sexuality. Many women are initially irritated by the fluid they suddenly secrete during orgasm. Since many don't know where the fluid comes from, they initially assume that it is urine. But this is not the case. Many women are embarrassed to talk about it when they squirt. They are also embarrassed in front of their partner. But squirting is actually a compliment for the partner, because it only works when the woman is absolutely relaxed. She must feel comfortable with her partner and be able to let go.
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